ISO/IEC 24730 is a low level, "Text over Socket" legacy standard for simple XYZ data. It defines two air interface protocols and an API for RTLS in asset management. It is intended to allow for compatibility and to encourage product interoperability.

The DeepHub® supports the RTLS API component that establishes a technical standard for RTLS, and may be configured to connect to RTLS that are compliant with this interface. The configuration can be done through a configuration file, command line arguments, or environment variables.

Configuration File

  - host: server
    port: 4000
    type: uwb
    zone_id: uuid
  - host: otherserver
    port: 4000
    type: wifi
    foreign_id: uuid

Command Line Arguments / Environment Variable

-w, --iso_24730_connections, DEEPHUB_ISO_24730_CONNECTIONS

Each RTLS compliant with ISO/IEC 24730 needs to have it's own entry in your configuration. In turn, each entry in your configuration will become a zone in your DeepHub instance. Please refer to the configuration of the RTLS to properly configure the connection in the DeepHub.

Note: you may provide a zone_id OR a foreign_id, but not both. Otherwise, the associated zone may not be correctly identified.