A coordinate reference system (CRS) is a local, regional or global coordinate-based system used to locate geographical entities. A CRS defines a specific map projection, as well as transformations between different CRS. In omlox, a CRS can be either local and relative to a zone, or refer to a map projection using an EPSG code.

The DeepHub is able to consume and provide location data in the following CRS:

  • EPSG:4326 (used in GPS)
  • All UTM projections: EPSG:32601 to EPSG:32660 CRS, and EPSG:32701 to EPSG:32760
  • EPSG:32661 (UPS at the north pole) 
  • EPSG:32761 (UPS at the south pole)
  • local


Projection definitions use the global EPSG database. Please refer to https://epsg.io for specific information regarding a projection, such as valid projection bounds for coordinates.

When a CRS of "local" is used with the REST API or WebSockets, the corresponding zone_id must be provided as parameter queries (as the local coordinates must be relative to a zone). 

For example, the following API call would provide the local coordinates of a specific trackable (relative to the given zone_id):