The DeepHub® UI monitors its connection status to the DeepHub®. In the event of a connection interruption, the UI tries to re-initiate the connection automatically for a period of time and with a certain number of attempts. If re-connection is not accomplished, the status switches to “Not connected” and the attempt to automatically re-connect ends. Refreshing the browser or clicking on the status icon in the UI restarts the monitoring process.

To visualize this, the DeepHub® UI includes an indicator next to the “Live View” tab at the top that displays the connection status with the DeepHub®. The status of the connectivity icon may be one of the following:


Interrupted - Trying to reconnect automatically

Not connected

Connectivity Icon not Displaying

In the event that the connectivity icon does not display at all in the DeepHub® UI, it is likely that the "DOCKER_WEBSOCKET_URL" environment variable within the docker-compose.yml file has been misconfigured. If this occurs, the DeepHub® UI will not function correctly. 

To resolve this, ensure that the "DOCKER_WEBSOCKET_URL" environment variable in the docker-compose.yml file has the correct value.