About Us

Flowcate is a global technology company focused on reshaping how location data is used in IoT. Based out of Germany, we have been pioneers in location-based service solutions and geospatial expertise since 1998. As a key founding member of the omlox standard, we provide the premier omlox-compliant middleware – the DeepHub®.

About the DeepHub®

The DeepHub® is a software middleware that enables organizations to integrate location data from all positioning technologies and providers in an interoperable manner, and to enhance their products and solutions for process automation and location-aware use cases:                 
  • Asset tracking
  • AGV navigation and management
  • Job scheduling
  • Shop floor security
  • Collision control
The DeepHub® is lightweight and excels in a wide range of environments, ranging from small edge devices to cascading cloud services. Fundamentally, it translates positioning data from different local coordinate systems into geographical coordinates and generates spatial events.

DeepHub® Version Support

Flowcate supports the last 3 versions of the DeepHub® (including beta versions of the current version). Anything older than that is considered legacy. Please ensure you keep your DeepHub® software up-to-date to continue receiving support and the latest product improvements.

Helpdesk Support Policies

The purpose of this helpdesk is for Flowcate to provide 3rd Level DeepHub® Support to its partners, enabling them to provide 1st & 2nd Level DeepHub® Support to their end customers.

3rd Level Support: Anything related to the DeepHub® software (frontend and backend).

1st/2nd Level Support: Anything handled by a partner and not by Flowcate, including anything related to 3rd-party hardware/software, integration, network configuration, vendor-specific configurations, etc.

It is the responsibility of Flowcate's partners to provide 1st and 2nd Level DeepHub® support to their end customers and to be their only point of contact for communication and support inquiries. Additionally, partners must ensure that Flowcate has all necessary information and access for support inquiries. This may include access to the end customer's system(s), however this is regarded as a "last resort" in the event that the inquiry cannot be solved between Flowcate and the partner.

Please note that support inquiries to the helpdesk related to 1st and 2nd Level Support may not be addressed by Flowcate, as Flowcate is solely responsible for handling 3rd Level Support inquiries.

Business Hours

Agents are available to address inquiries to the helpdesk on Monday-Friday between 09:00-17:00 MEZ. 

The helpdesk is closed during public holidays in Baden-Württemberg.