There are different considerations depending on whether the DeepHub® instance is local or hosted in the cloud.

Local instances consist of a bundle. In this case, you would interact with the /deephub/ service.

However, with demo instances in the cloud, there are no bundles. These services are published directly and consist of two parts.

First comes the host/domain: https://<example>

Then comes the application:

  • for the UI, this is /deephub-ui/. For example: https://<example>
  • for the hub, this is /deephub/. For example: https://<example>

Within the application, there is an API (or even several). We start with the first version /v1/

For example, you would access all zones through the first API version via: https://<example>

Likewise, within /v1/ is our WebSocket: wss://<example>