Docker Compose & Configuration Files

When running the DeepHub on your local machine, we recommend using Docker Compose to orchestrate the three required containers: the DeepHub itself, the DeepHub UI, and the Apache web server that acts as a reverse proxy.

In our GitHub repository, we provide a pre-configured docker-compose.yml file and necessary configuration files you can use. Download/clone this repository to a local directory in your filesystem.

Docker Hub

The Docker images required to run the DeepHub are available at Docker Hub. By default, the docker-compose.yml file we provide points to the following images:

  • flowcate/deephub:latest
  • flowcate/deephub-ui:latest
  • httpd:alpine

Getting the Docker Containers

To pull the latest versions of the Docker containers, open a shell, navigate to the folder where you cloned the repository, and execute:

docker-compose pull

Alternatively, you can pull the latest version of a single Docker container by executing:

docker pull flowcate/deephub:<tag of release you want to pull>

However, it's also possible to pull specific versions of containers. This is explained in detail here.